There are so many things to see and do in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Depending on your interest, if you are planning to come to K.L. and looking for things to do, you might be interested in checking out these four attractions: Cartoon characters by Malaysia’s famous cartoonist named Lat; Kuala Lumpur Forest Eco Park; Kuala Lumpur Upside Down House; and, the iconic Kuala Lumpur Tower.

The cool thing is that these attractions are all not far from each other.

If you are up for it, you can do a walking trip to these four places – all in one go. That’s exactly what I did recently and had fun. I got on Canopy Walk at the Eco Park and enjoyed it a lot!

The cartoon characters are on Heritage Trail and don’t forget to find a map that shows all of their locations on Jalan Melaka right until Jalan Raja Chulan. The map is on Jalan Melaka and in front of the building of a bank.

The K.L. Forest Eco Park, meanwhile, has a lot to offer. Do check out the Forestry Information Center which is located not far from a Lat cartoon on Jalan Raja Chulan, to get more detail.

If you get on the Canopy Walk, you will reach at the base of K.L. Tower where you can find the K.L. Upside Down House. There is a booth at the entrance where you can inquire about fees. Here’s their Facebook page

Nearby it, you will find a mini zoo and a historical Jelutong tree – among other things. There is an observation deck up on the Tower. A ticket booth is also at the base. Their website is and it has info you might find useful for your next trip.

Have a wonderful time in Kuala Lumpur!

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