Note:  This post was first published on on April 4, 2012.

Broga Hill which stands at 400-meter high is a popular hiking venue situated near the town of Semenyih, Selangor. The location is roughly 50 km in the southeast of the capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

Earlier this year, I decided to venture out to Broga Hill. By the time this post was published, I already went hiking up the hill twice.

The entry point to Broga Hill was right off of Broga Road, at an oil palm plantation and just within a walking distance from Rabbit Fun Land located on the other side of the street.

As marked on a signboard stood near the entrance, the distance to Broga Hill was 1.7 km whereas Gunung Tok Wan was 4.8 km away, apparently from the same gateway.

When I began to walk up the hill, I spotted some rubber trees not far from the base zone too.

Once passed through the oil palm farm, the uphill trekking was pretty much alongside tropical bushes, weeds, jungle trees and rocks – on routes that were a bit rugged at certain points during the climb. I found these trails were manageable for me as a “novice hiker.”

Interestingly, the hilltops were covered with long grass (lalang) aka weeds, for the most parts. (Broga Hill is actually also known as Bukit Lalang to some people).

In addition to the highest peak of 400 meters, there were also a couple of lower peaks not that far from each other. During my first visit these lower peaks were my final stop, which took me about 45 minutes of a journey time from the base, and, I went all the way to the 400-meter level during my second trip, in close to an hour. The timing was just for fun, not that I was in a race whatsoever.

At the 400-meter elevation, there sat mostly huge boulders, some trees and a signboard.

Broga Hill presented a breathtaking view of the surrounding rainforests, green plantation estates, and small towns. Then there were also lines of mountains of the lengthy Titiwangsa Range visible from the hill that looked so serene.

My hiking trips there were enjoyable. Seeing the charming panorama viewable from Broga Hill was a payoff for every step taken.

I hope to go back up there again.

Here are photos from my trips to Broga Hill: