Putrajaya is located about 25 kilometers south of the city of Kuala Lumpur and it covers 4,931 hectares. It is the new base for the Malaysian government administrative offices. Putrajaya is a pretty lively venue with various types of events or activities held at the location including during school holidays and weekends. One of them is Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta which was taking place a couple of months back and I was able to enjoy it. A distinctive feature of Putrajaya is, it has a lot of trees and plants, different than many city environments that some of us might be accustomed to. Actually, Putrajaya has been taking initiatives to create a garden city where the large area is built with, among other things, beautiful public parks of different themes and I have been to some of them. So, if you enjoy a walk in a tropical park, you might like Putrajaya Wetland, Putrajaya Botanical Garden or The Agricultural Heritage Park. I’ve been to these parks and wrote about my experience in the following articles:

An afternoon stroll in an orchard in Putrajaya

Setting foot on Putrajaya Wetland

My visit to Putrajaya Botanical Garden

Well, in case if you’re looking to just chill after a walk in the parks, you can stop by at Precinct 6 to get your feet on fine beach sands. Here’s my previous entry about this special spot: A white sandy beach in Putrajaya. Below are some random photos which I took during visits to Putrajaya. Enjoy your visit!