Me standing next to the border signage.

Pulau Sebang and Tampin are two different towns that belong to two different states in Malaysia. Pulau Sebang is in the territory of Malacca whereas Tampin is in Negeri Sembilan. I usually refer to them as Tampin in a general context.

What’s interesting is that both towns sit next to each other and the state border runs through them (see pic).

The combined towns receive crowds from many of nearby villages and other small towns. Tampin, for example, has become an important place for a lot of people from the surrounding areas too, who come and shop, pay bills, and do about other activities or businesses.

They both share one bus/taxi station and each town owns a wet market.

I used to cross the border every day to go to school in Tampin.

Tampin and Pulau Sebang are accessible by road and they are not far from the famous resort of A Famosa which is quite close to the Simpang Ampat exit of the North-South Highway.

There’s also nearby Tampin Hill which I had an opportunity to explore not long ago and wrote about my experience here.

The towns may seem quiet in these photographs but that’s because it was a big holiday and a lot of shops were closed during my trip there.