I have finally got to climb Tampin Hill (Bukit Tampin) and am so glad I did it.

A tarred road system made it quite easy to travel up and down the hill. Though, it still required a level of physical strength to push through especially where it got quite steep during certain parts of the road. I had brought with me a lot of enthusiasm anyway so that helped me through till I reached the top.

It took me roughly an hour to get to the top after I made a few stops along the way, to either catch a breath, take photos or just to enjoy the scenes around me. The trip was pretty smooth altogether, thankfully.


Towards the middle of the climbing I stopped to take a look at a recreational area where there were a couple of man-made ponds along a water stream.

The biggest animal I saw during the trip was monkeys. Someone who came up after me had spotted a wild boar but that’s nothing extraordinary in places like this.

There were shelters and sitting areas along the tarred path and near the ponds.

Tampin is a small town in the south of the state of Negeri Sembilan and it is next to my hometown of Pulau Sebang in the state of Melaka.

The Hill is not as tall as Mount Tampin which stands at 2,507 ft1. and sits next to it, but it is high enough for me, a newbie trekker.

Although I lived very near to Tampin Hill and I had never been to the top until this trip. I remember the farthest I had been on the hill was about halfway into the forest during my childhood time when I took up a quick trip with my uncle and his friends. I had always wanted to personally see the top of the hill.

So, what’s it like up there?

The very top of Tampin Hill appeared to be a gated area. There were towers that held large transmitters that belong to media organizations to cater to customers around that location. No photos allowed except for some compound outside of the gated area. There was not much else to see at the peak as views of the surroundings were mostly blocked by tall tropical jungle trees. Nevertheless, the experience reaching the top was still awesome. Inhaling fresh air in the jungle was amazing.

I have learned that the place is a popular trekking exercise venue among the locals. There’s a recreational park with swimming pools at the bottom of the hill.

The trip up to Tampin Hill occurred during the recent Eid Fitr holidays when I returned to hometown.

Item: Climb Tampin Hill: CHECKED.

Mount Tampin next? MAYBE.


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Bukit tampin from Kamversation

NOTE:  This post was first published on Kamversation.com on August 6, 2014.