Zam Newsroom Café, as the name suggests, has an interior that presents a unique theme of a newsroom.

Located at a new commercial complex called Ayer@8 at Precinct 8 in Putrajaya, the Café is filled with some decorative elements like typewriters, images of newspaper cuttings pasted on glass-top eating tables, and, a large black and white image of a newsroom mounted on a wall. There were books and newspapers available on the shelves in a cozy reading area which serves as an attractive backdrop of the Café.

newsroomcafefrontIt doesn’t have a long list of items on the menu but Zam Newsroom Café sells, among other things, a rice dish called Nasi Putra, nasi lemak, roti bakar, sandwiches, and, hot and cold drinks.

From what I know, the Café was among the first shops to open in the new complex last January.

The atmosphere in and around the Café is pretty relaxed. There are plenty of parking spaces for cars in that area.

The Ayer@8 complex is pretty quiet and it is not a high traffic area yet as most of the office and commercial lots there is empty at this time. There’s not much activity in the complex area at the moment except for some commercial trucks and construction workers seen on location. I am sure that will change as soon as more businesses will move in, which from the look of it, could be anytime now.

The Ayer@8 complex is visible from Umai Café which is across the lake from it.

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