Rabbit Fun Land, run by East Asia Rabbit Corporation is located near the base of the popular hiking spot of Broga Hill (see Hiking up Broga Hill).

This place has a rabbit farm, a petting zone and it also features a variety of animals for visitors to see.

I spent some time walking around the Rabbit Fun Land before I went off to climb up the Broga Hill in a recent trip.

It felt like I was visiting a mini-sized zoo!

Among the animals I saw during my trip there were cattle, pigeons, deer, ponies, monkeys, ostriches, a couple of goat species, chicken, and a group of geese.  There was also a dog on a leash on the ground (not sure if it’s meant to be part of the animal display). 🙂

A host of bunnies were spotted roaming around in a gated area named the Rabbit Rock Garden.

Entrance charge to the Rabbit Fun Land was RM5. Visitors were allowed to ride a pony for a fee.  A cafeteria was also at the location (closed during my time there).

Here are photos from the trip.

By Kam Hashim